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Award of the Administrator PPS2011

Ringo Applicant Company : sidiz
Award of the Administrator PPS, 2011
  • Brand : sidiz
  • Category : Furniture
  • Designer :
    • Seongmi Kim
Ringo Ringo Ringo Ringo Ringo

Most children have their own furniture after entering the school. However, many student desks and chairs do not be sufficiently considered to their body dimension. In fact, many chairs are designed for adult body. Furniture which does not fit children’s body could affect a poor posture to children. Thus, it is important for growing children to maintain a good posture. For these reasons, Ringo has focused on children's growth. Ringo can adjust not only the height and seat depth but also the height of armrests at once as the back and armrests are combined in a one shell. This chair is designed through using up-to-dated research and data about the body dimension of children whose age is between 7 and 12. Also, Ringo can replace a back-pad, seat-pad and variety of colors easily. Especially, the fabric of double-raschel improved its ventilation. The design of Ringo which has the combination with straight and curve provides a friendly image to our children. Our wish is that Ringo would become a good friend who can make children feel truly comfortable and relax.

The First Sales Date 2011-08-01
The First Retail Price 179000 won

Applicant Company : sidiz

Address 536-12, Segyo-dong, Pyungtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel 02-3400-4868
Fax 02-3400-4868

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