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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Protection Policies

Korea Institute of Design Promotion (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) values clients’ personal information and observes the Act
on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. Through these Personal Information Handling Guidelines, the Company advises clients how and for what purpose the personal information provided by clients is used and also what measures are taken to protect such personal information. If these Personal Information Handling Guidelines are revised, the Company will give public notice thereof through the “public notice” section of its website (or by giving notice to each client).
ο These guidelines shall come into effect on November 23, 2007.

1. Personal information items to be collected:

The Company shall collect the following personal information for the purpose of membership admissions, consulting, requesting use
of services, etc.:
1) Items to be collected: name, the date of birth, gender, login ID, password, home phone number, home address, mobile phone number, e-mail, vocation, company name, department, position, company phone number, resident registration number, academic background, country, areas of interest, areas of specialty, foreign languages the member has a command of, photo, records of use of services, access logs, cookies and information on access IP.
2) Methods of collecting personal information: collected through the homepage (in case of membership admissions, designer admissions, survey by questionnaire), entry for giveaway events and tools for collecting created information
2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
The collected personal information shall be used by the Company for the following purposes:
1) Performance under the service provision agreement and adjustment of charges for the provision of services; provision of contents; purchase and settlements of charges; delivery of goods or sending invoices, etc.
2) Membership administration: identification of members for use of services on membership basis; identification of individuals;
prevention of any illegal use by bad members and unauthorized use; confirmation of the intent to take out a membership;
verification of age; confirmation as to whether the consent of the legal representative has been obtained, in collecting the
personal information of children of less than 14 years of age; treatment of public petitions, including handling complaints; and
giving notices
3) Use for marketing and advertising purposes: development and specialization of new services (products); delivery of the
information of advertising nature such as on events; provision of services and insertion of advertisements, taking demographic
characteristics into account; checking the frequency of access or compiling statistics on members’ use of services
4) 4) Creation of and modification to individuals’ portfolios; conditions for retrieval for different purposes
3. Duration of Maintaining and Using Personal Information
Once the purpose of collection and use of any personal information has been attained, the Company shall forthwith destroy such
information without exception; provided, however, that the following information shall be preserved for the stated period for the
following reasons:
1) Information items to be preserved: name, login ID, resident registration number, gender (for foreigners only) and the date of birth (for foreigners only)
2) Grounds for preservation: to prevent any duplicate membership admissions and preserve postings
3) Duration of preservation: until termination of services
4. Procedure for and Method of Destroying Personal Information
Once the purpose of collection and use of any personal information has been attained, the Company shall in principle destroy such
information without delay. The procedure for and method of destroying personal information are as follows:
1) Procedure for destroying personal information
While you remain a designdb member, your personal information is safely managed and maintained in designdb and also used to
provide better services. If a member requests withdrawal from membership (termination of admission) or the purpose of collecting
personal information, as previously advised, has been attained, all of the personal information collected shall be forthwith deleted
and disposed of so that it cannot be inspected or used for any purposes whatsoever. Nevertheless, if a member has not adjusted
and settled the charges for using any pay services, the member’s personal information may be held by the Company until
adjustment of such charges in full, pursuant to Article 16.2 of the Act on Promotion, etc. of Utilization of Information System.
In such a case, the member’s personal information is managed separately for the purpose of checking whether the relevant
transactional information has been duly processed but not for any commercial purposes. Upon completion of adjustment of such
charges, the member’s personal information is completely deleted. The personal information transferred to a separate DB is not
utilized for any purposes other than for the intended purpose of holding the same, unless otherwise required by law.
Method of destruction: Personal information stored in the form of an electronic file shall be deleted, using a technical method which renders the record at issue irreproducible.
5. Provision of Personal Information
In principle, the Company shall not provide or disclose users’ personal information to a third party, except where:
1) Users have consented to such provision or disclosure in advance;
2) Such provision or disclosure is required by the relevant provisions of applicable law or requested by investigatory agencies in
accordance with the procedure and method prescribed by applicable law
6. Entrustment of Collected Personal Information
The Company carries on its business by entrusting external specialized firms with provision of the following services.
1) Trustee: Daewoo Information System Co., Ltd.
2) Description of entrusted services: identification of members for use of services on membership basis; treatment of public petitions,
including handling complaints; giving notices; management of websites and system
7. Rights of Users and their Legal Representatives, and Methods of Exercising such Rights
Users and their legal representatives may at any time make reference to or correct the registered personal information of their own
or children of less than 14 years of age and may also request withdrawal from membership (termination of admission). In order to
make reference to/correct the personal information of users or children of less 14 years of age or terminate admission (withdraw
the already given consent), the identification procedure shall be first followed by clicking on ‘alteration to personal information’
(or ‘correction of member information’, etc.) or “withdrawal from membership”, as applicable, and then it is possible to inspect or
correct such information or withdraw from membership in person. In altering a member’s personal information, however, it is not
possible to alter the member’s ID at all. In addition, the information related to a member’s name and resident registration number is
altered only after a copy of his/her resident registration card has been duly received by the Company by fax (fax No:031-780-2129),
since it is a very sensitive matter. In case of withdrawal from membership (termination from admission), you have only to enter your
password and the reasons for withdrawal after having identified yourself using your ID and name. Then, an application for such
withdrawal is submitted by e-mail to the person in charge of managing the designdb personal information. Upon confirmation, the application for withdrawal is immediately processed.
8. Matters concerning Establishment and Operation of Automatic Personal Information Collection Tools and Refusal
The Company operates ‘cookies’, etc. for storing and retrieving your personal information from time to time. A ‘cookie’ is a very small text file being transferred to your browser by the server used to operate the designdb website and is stored in the hard disk of your computer. Cookies are used by the Company for the following purposes:
1) Purpose of using cookies, etc.
: Cookies are used to store and retrieve personal information from time to time for the purpose of carrying out target marketing and also providing personalized services, by analyzing the frequency of access and actual visiting time, etc. of members and non-members respectively, finding user's inclination and areas of interest and pursuing traces and checking the extent of participation in diverse events and the number of visits paid.
2) How to refuse to establish cookies:
: A member has an option to establish cookies. Accordingly, he/she may allow all cookies to be established by setting an option in the web browser or have all cookies go through the confirmation procedure whenever they are stored, or otherwise refuse to store all cookies.
* An example of establish cookies: (in case of Internet explorer)
: Tools located at the top of the web browser> Internet options> personal information For the avoidance of doubt, should you have refused to establish cookies, there will exist difficulties in providing services and you will not be able to use any of the services requiring members to log into the website.
9. Services of Treating Public Petitions for Personal Information
The Company has appointed the following department and personal information manager to protect clients’ personal information and also treat their complaints related to personal information, as described below:

1) Department in charge of customer service: Information Service Team,Information Support Division
- Phone : 031-780-2123
- E-Mail :
2) Name of Personal Information Manager: Team leader of Information Service Team,Information Support Division
- Phone : 031-780-2131
- E-Mail :

You may file with the aforesaid personal information manager or department all petitions related to protection of personal
information that may arise in the course of using the services provided by the Company. The Company will promptly give adequate
response to the petitions filed by users. For other reporting or consulting as to any violation of your personal information, please contact the following agencies:

1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee ( / 1336 )
2. Information Security Mark Committee ( / 02-580-0533~4 )
3. Internet Crime Investigation Center/Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office ( / 02-3480-3600 )
4. Cyber Terror Response Center/ National Police Agency ( / 02-392-0330 )

※ Technical and administrative measures for protection of personal information: Each member’s personal information is protected by means of a password. The password for a member’s ID is known to the member only and a member’s personal information can also be confirmed and modified by the member only. Therefore, no member shall disclose his/her password to anybody. Designdb never asks any member his/her password at all, whether by e-mail or any other means. In addition, the Company takes every possible measure to prevent its members’ personal information from being leaked or divulged to a third party, by establishing firewalls intercepting intrusion from outside or otherwise and also protecting its members’ billing information with a 128-bit encoding system. In order to protect your own personal information, you are kindly advised to make it a rule to first log out and then close the browser when you have completed any work on the computer. Especially, when you share a computer with any other person(s) or use any services in a public place, you shall take the aforementioned procedure without fail, thereby bewaring that you will not receive any disadvantage resulting from any leakage of your personal information. Responsibilities for maintaining security of the password for a member’s account shall remain with the member him/herself.
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