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About GD

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The GD Selection, by recognizing and rewarding excellently designed products, promotes
the advancement of design and encourages innovation and creativity through quality products
that contribute to aesthetically and practically enhancing our daily lives.
Ultimately, the GD Selection aims to improve the quality of life by improving product design
and meeting the diverse demands of consumers, and to contribute to the development of
design by expanding public awareness of the field.

Sponsor and Host

Sponsor : Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy(MOTIE) , Host : Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP)


Product manufacturers, designers, and retailers of professionally designed products which have been on the market for two years or less or which are scheduled to go into the market during the year of competition


  • A. Product design :

    High-quality, easy-to-use, good design products widely used and sold in our daily life
  • B. Packaging design :

    All types of packaging design with functionality and good design considering environmental friendliness, waste processing and recycling.
  • C. Environment design :

    Outdoor facilities and public facilities making our lives more comfortable, harmonizing with natural beauty and man-created beauty
  • D. Communication design :

    Communication media including visual language, being used for sales promotion and service conducted by companies or public organs
  • E. Materials & surface processing design :

    The surface of products showing various design effect developed through design innovation
  • F. Architecture design :

    Architecture design and buildings possessing good quality and high technology, harmonizing with surroundings
  • G. Fashion design :

    Fashion design including ready-made clothes possessing creativity and originality
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